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Here at Rigert Elite We offer Beginning Gymnastics as well as Competitive Team Gymnastics for both Boys and Girls of all ages.

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Toddler Tumble class is for little ones ages 18 months to 3 years of age.  This class is a parent involved class.  The parent will participate in the class with the child.  They will learn the beginnings of what it means to be in a class, follow directions, wait your turn, try new things and make new friends! Once they turn 3 or are referred out of this class they can join one of our Basics Preschool Classes. Toddler Tumble classes are 30 minutes long.

Basics classes are made for our Preschool Age Students. These classes are Coed.  They are for our independent kids who are ready to participate in a class on their own. They will learn the basics of gymnastics on all events and continue working on their listening and direction following skills. They learn keys to being a successful student as well as the Basics of Gymnastics! These classes are 35 minutes long.

Fundamental classes are geared for our School-Aged students. These classes provide a curriculum set to teach the foundation for a great athlete! They will learn the fundamentals of the sport and work on the Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault and Trampoline. The skills they learn in this class will build the foundation for their success in our Progressive classes and eventually competitive gymnastics if that is what the decide to do in their future.  These classes are 50 minutes long.

Progressive 1 is for our students who have progressed out of our Fundamentals class and are ready to build on the skills they already learned.  These students will start to advance their training to the next level and try to focus a little more on their form and technique of the skills they already learned as well as learn new skills on all events. This class is by invitation only after mastering all skills in the Fundamentals classes or if you are transferring from another gym and have been referred to start in this level of class.  These classes are 50 minutes long.

Progressive 2 is for students who have passed out of Progressive 1 and are ready for more! These students again work on continuing their education and their skill base.  These classes are 80 minutes long.

Progressive 3 is for students who have passed out of Progressive 2 and are ready for more! These students again work on continuing their education and their skill base. Progressive 3 is a required 90-minute class two days a week.

If you are coming from a different program and are unsure which class you should be placed in, contact us to set up a quick evaluation with one of our coaches before your trial class.


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We would love to have you as part of our family. Simply go to our Class Schedule and Availability Page, find the class you want and click the “Register” button to the left of the class you want to register for. If the class is currently full, be sure to register onto the waitlist as those do not tend to be long and generally we can get you in pretty quickly once on a waitlist.

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