At Rigert Elite, you can shop leotards in person.  We sell a few used leotards as well as we proudly carry the brand Destira leotards.

Online Rigert Elite Fan Gear Team Store:

Our Fan Gear Team Store is open year round so you can order anytime you need Rigert Elite Gear!  Don't see something you like?  A few times a year we will offer additional Fan Gear Ordering through the office or online.  Let us know what you are looking for and we can try to help you get it!

You can purchase leotards through our Destira Digital Proshop for a wider selection and delivery straight to your home.

Use Code HAPPY15 to receive 15% off your total purchase in our Digital Proshop!

Make sure you use our specific link while shopping it should say that you are shopping to support Rigert Elite Gymnastics


A woman in a purple and pink leotard doing a split.
Three young girls jumping in the air with their hands up.
A woman in blue leotards doing an aerial dance.
A girl in a colorful leotard posing for the camera.