Coaches and Staff

Danita Rigert 

Owner – Team Coach

Office Team 

Natalie Hall, Cherisse Huff, Katie Burbach 

(Not pictured Lisa Gruskin and Hailey Wass)

Optional Team Coaches 

Shelby Hansmann, Candice Hawkes, Tiffanie Castaneda, Lily Steele

Xcel Team Coaches 

Lacey Parker, Abigail Santosa, Isis Alexander

(Not yet pictured Taylor Hall)

Compulsory Team Coaches 

Debi Bolender, Tiana Setser

(Not yet pictured Jessica Nichols)

Additional Coaching Staff: 

Coach Melissa, Coach Amy, Coach Claire, Coach Brandi, Coach Kaylea, Coach Emmalia, Coach Rylee, Coach Ella

Not Yet Pictured:  Coach Tre, Coach Mazy, Coach Hailey, Coach Caitlyn, Coach Trinity