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“MAC Open”

Feb 17th, 2014

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“MAC Open”

Talk about some TOUGH competition!!! Still, we managed to achieve 43 personal & Team bests. Great job to all our teams, boys & girls.


Top 10 Placements :

Nathan (level 4) – Floor (8th)

Benjamin (level 5) – Pommel (6th), Rings (9th), Vault (10th), P-Bars (9th), High Bar (10th), All Around (8th)

Kaden (level 5) – Floor (7th), High Bar (7th), All Around (10th)

Kaleb (level 5) – Floor (10th), Pommel (10th), P-Bars (8th)

Emily B (level 3) – Bars (9th)

TaRyah (level 3) – Vault (7th), Beam (8th)

Ava (level 3) – Bars (2nd), Beam (6th), All Around (8th)

Mia (level 3) – Vault (10th), Bars (10th), Beam (10th), Floor (10th), All Around (10th)

Lily (level 3) – Vault (8th), Bars (9th), Beam (3rd), Floor (9th), All Around (9th)

Abby (level 5) – Vault (9th)

Skyler (level 7) – Vault (7th), Floor (9th)

Julia (level 8) – Vault (2nd), Bars (10th), Floor (6th)

Laurel (level 8) – Vault (8th)

Mikhayla (level 8) – Vault (10th)