Last weekends meets went very well for Rigert Elite. There were some hiccups here & there, but overall it was a success. We had gymnasts at 2 separate competitions. The girls competed in Eugene/ Springfield area at the Emerald Team Challenge, while the boys competed in Beaverton at their Oregon State Championships. We had *53* personal & team bests, as well as many other top placements, 1st place titles, Championship titles, and a Regional qualifier. Great Job everybody!!!



Mazy (level 3) – Vault

Nathan (level 4) – Vault State Champion

Angel (level 4) – Floor State Champion, Rings State Champion, P-Bars State Champion, High Bar State Champion, All Around State Champion

Faith (level 4) – Beam

Gaby (level 4) – Bars

Team (level 4 girls) – Bars

Magnus (level 5) – Vault State Champion

Lousara (level 6) – Vault

Team (level 6 girls) – Vault

Julia (level 8) – Beam



Mazy (level 3) – 36.300 (all around)

Haley (level 3) – 9.625 (beam), 36.475 (all around)

Nathan (level 4) – 10.300 (floor), 9.900 (rings), 57.500 (all around)

Angel (level 4) – 11.600 (floor), 9.800 (pommel), 10.500 (rings), 10.600 (p-bars), 10.400 (high bar), 62.500 (all around)

Faith (level 4) – 9.500 (beam), 36.375 (all around)

Gaby (level 4) – 9.550 (bars)

Magnus (level 5) – 10.200 (vault)

Lousara (level 6) – 9.500 (vault), 36.100 (all around)

Sydney (level 6) – 36.000 (all around)

Julia (level 8) – 9.575 (beam)



Level 3

Mazy - Vault (1st), Bars (9th), Beam (4th), Floor (4th), All Around (4th)

Haley – Vault (2nd), Beam (2nd), All Around (8th)

Hannah – Vault (4th)

Level 4

Nathan – Floor (2nd), Pommel (5th), Rings (5th), Vault (1st), P-Bars (10th), High Bar (6th), All Around (4th)

Angel – Floor (1st), Pommel (2nd), Rings (1st), Vault (2nd), P-Bars (1st), High Bar (1st), All Around (1st)

Ava H – Bars (5th), Beam (4th), All Around (6th)

Lucy – Vault (7th)

Faith – Vault (3rd),  Bars (9th), Beam (1st), Floor (7th), All Around (3rd)

LilyAnna – Vault (5th), Bars (10th), Beam (6th), Floor (5th), All Around (4th)

Stephanie – Vault (8th), Bars (3rd)

Gaby – Bars (1st), Floor (5th), All Around (7th)

Team (girls) – Bars (1st)

Level 5

Magnus – Vault (1st), High Bar (6th)

Level 6

Benjamin – Rings (10th), Vault (5th), P-Bars (10th), All Around (10th)

Kaden – Vault (6th)

Kaleb – Floor (8th), Vault (7th), High Bar (7th)

Lousara – Vault (1st), Bars (7th), Floor (5th), All Around (6th)

Sydney – Vault (3rd), Beam (3rd), Floor (7th), All Around (6th)

Abby – Vault (8th), Beam (6th)

Team (girls) – Vault (1st)

Level 8

Julia – Beam (1st)

Skyler – Vault (4th), Bars (5th), Beam (10th), Floor (7th), All Around (7th)

Laurel – Vaut (8th), Bars (6th), Beam (8th), Floor (8th), All Around (8th)



Magnus (level 5) – Congrats to Magnus for qualifying to Men’s Regional Championships!