“Charity Choice Invitational”

What a crazy & chaotic weekend. With all the snow and ice coating the Portland/ Vancouver area, travel to Tacoma, WA was hit or miss. Unfortunately, many of our gymnasts were unable to attend the competition, and they were greatly missed. Sadly, there were multiple teams with athletes snowed in.


For those that were able to make it to Tacoma, there were 11 team & personal best accomplishments, as well as some top placements.


Top Scores :

Nathan (level 4) – Floor 9.800

Benjamin (level 5) – Floor 10.400, High Bar 10.100

Kaden (level 5) – Floor 10.500

Kaleb (level 5) – Floor 10.800

Team (level 4) – Floor 31.700


Top 10 Placements :

Nathan (level 4) – Floor (4th), Vault (6th)

Benjamin (level 5) – Floor (8th), Pommel (10th), Rings (5th), Vault (5th), High Bar (3rd)

Kaden (level 5) – Floor (6th), Pommel (6th), Vault (10th), P-Bars (10th), High Bar (10th), All Around (9th)

Kaleb (level 5) – Floor (3rd), P-Bars (7th)

Boys Team (level 5) – Floor (3rd)

Emily B (level 3) – Bars (3rd), Floor (2nd), All Around (6th)

TaRyah (level 3) – Vault (5th), Beam (7th), All Around (10th)

Ava (level 3) – Vault (10th), Bars (8th), Beam (10th)

Lily (level 3) – Bars (7th), Beam (7th), All Around (9th)

Aisha (level 4) – Vault (6th), Beam (10th)

Abby (level 5) – Vault (4th), Bars (4th), Beam (4th), Floor (4th), All Around (4th)

Sydney (level 6) – Vault (7th), Bars (9th), Beam (9th), Floor (8th), All Around (9th)

Julia (level 8) – Vault (3rd), Bars (6th), Floor (6th)