Tiffanie Castaneda

Tiffanie CA young girl holding up a banner with the name of morgan courtain.astaneda

From an early age Tiffanie moved around quite a bit and was thrown into gymnastics on and off. At the age of about 10 when she moved to the Gresham she decided to take the sport more seriously and started competing at American Elite Gymnastics with Danita and Candice as her coaches for the first few years. Just before High school she retired the sport and started track and coaching gymnastics. She received a scholarship at Warner Pacific College in Portland OR for pole vaulting, took a break from coaching and went on to become and all American pole vaulter. From there she began coaching competitive boys gymnastics at Northwest Gymnastics Training Center for a few more years before she got married and moved to San Diego. In San Diego she had the opportunity to coach at Elite Gymnastics training center in El Cajon, CA and High School Track at Oceanside High School for a couple years.  Immediately on moving back to the Gresham area with her husband she began coaching at Rigert Elite. For the next year or two she will also be going back to school to finish her Bachelors of Science in Applied Health and Fitness in hopes she can make a career out the sports she loves.