Rigert Elite has been Closed since Monday, March 16th and we have an unknown date of return to the gym.

Rigert Elite is offering Virtual classes! We have pre-recorded workouts every week that we are sending out only to our students.  These workouts are only available to students currently enrolled in our classes.

If you are thinking of joining us when we do open doors again, feel free to register for a trial class now.  We will email you when classes are running again and the first week that we have the class you are wanting to trial, you will be all set for your free trial class!  If you are listed as a trial in a class, you will receive these virtual classes as well, free of charge.

If you are currently enrolled in our program, please continue to watch your emails from us to ensure all the updates you need. If you are wondering what we are doing about April tuition, please check your email.  If you cannot find your email regarding April tuition, email us and we will fill you in.

Are you interested in joining our Team?  contact us by email to find out more at RigertEliteGymnastics@gmail.com