August 7th 2020 – We have been open for 8 weeks now, COVID free, with happy healthy gymnasts!  A huge shout out to all our staff and Rigert Families, for helping us keep the gym a clean and safe place to be!!  If it were not for all the safety measures, cleaning protocols, families keeping kids with ANY symptoms home, we may be in a different place at this time.

COVID Precautions:

*Temperatures are being taken at the door

*Daily waivers are being signed by anyone entering the facility stating they are not experiencing any current symptoms of illness and have not knowingly been exposed over the last 14 days to anyone with COVID

*Hand sanitizer is being used by everyone before, during and after each class.

*Masks are being worn by staff when social distancing measures cannot be met

*Masks are being worn by students as they enter and exit the facility

*Students are practicing social distancing during workouts and during break times

*Equipment is getting wiped down and sanitized between each rotation of classes

*The entire gym and everything in it is being sanitized with a fogging machine on a 2-3 day schedule.  The disinfectant lasts for 3 days on everything; however, we are using this machine more frequently than that for extra measure

Friday, July 24th, 2020

We are still open and holding classes.  You can register online by going to our class schedule and availability page.

parent and gym expectations with reopening

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

We are now holding classes again under strict restrictions.  We are following all federal, state and local guidelines.  We are not holding open gyms or birthday parties at this time.  Our proshop and office are closed at this time.  For all office needs, such as scheduling a class, making a payment or updating payment methods, or for any questions about current classes, please contact us via email at and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


We have made plans to re-open on Friday, June 12th, 2020.  However, we still have not heard from the county if their application for the county to re-open has been approved or not.  If the application is not approved, we will

not be able to open on Friday.  We will send an update to all our enrolled students as soon as we hear one way or the other.


Rigert Elite has been Closed since Monday, March 16th and we have an unknown date of return to the gym.

Rigert Elite is offering Virtual classes! We have pre-recorded workouts every week that we are sending out only to our students.  These workouts are only available to students currently enrolled in our classes.

If you are thinking of joining us when we do open doors again, feel free to register for a trial class now.  We will email you when classes are running again and the first week that we have the class you are wanting to trial, you will be all set for your free trial class!  If you are listed as a trial in a class, you will receive these virtual classes as well, free of charge.

If you are currently enrolled in our program, please continue to watch your emails from us to ensure all the updates you need. If you are wondering what we are doing about April tuition, please check your email.  If you cannot find your email regarding April tuition, email us and we will fill you in.

Are you interested in joining our Team?  contact us by email to find out more at