COVID-19 Update

COVID Precautions:

*Temperatures are being taken at the door

*Hand sanitizer is being used by everyone before, during and after each class.

*Oregon Mask Mandate is being followed - everyone ages 5 and older is required to wear a mask when feasible.  It is deemed as not feasible for students to wear masks while actively practicing, therefore, students may remove their masks when they are practicing. 

  • Masks must be worn during Open Gym and Birthday Parties

*Students are practicing social distancing during workouts and during break times whenever possible

*Equipment is getting wiped down and sanitized between each rotation of classes

*The entire gym and everything in it is being sanitized with a fogging machine on a 2-3 day schedule.  The disinfectant lasts for 3 days on everything; however, we are using this machine more frequently than that for extra measure

*Currently, parents are not allowed in the gym.  Parents must drop students off outside the facility, wait in the car or run an errand, and pick students up outside the facility once class is over.  We have staff helping to ensure a safe drop off and pick up routine.

*Remember to STAY HOME with ANY signs or symptoms of illness


If you are currently enrolled in our program, please continue to watch your emails from us to ensure all the updates you need.

Are you interested in joining our Team?  contact us by email to find out more at [email protected]