Candice Hawkes

A woman with long blonde hair wearing black.

Certified NAWGJ for Compulsory Girls, Girls AA Compulsory Team Director (levels 3-10)

Candice Graduated with Honors from California State University, Fullerton, CA, with a BA Degree in Psychology, minor in Child Development. She has been coaching gymnastics for 23 years in top programs such as Kips School of Gymnastics, Anaheim, CA, American Elite Gymnastics (Now Closed), and Multnomah Athletic Club, Portland, OR.  She is a Leader in the gymnastics community, organized, and easy to work with. Candice also plays an important role in the gymnastics community as a judge for levels 3 through level 8.  She has been judging since 2012 but just recently began judging the optional levels as well. Candice is able to use her skills as a judge to help her in her everyday coaching. Candice has had a successful career in turning multiple programs into championship-winning teams.  She implements hard work ethic, clean technique, motivation, and determination into the athletes she works with.