Shelby Hansmann

PreTeam and Team Level 3 Coach
Shelby started gymnastics when she was only five years old and began training competitively when she was eight. She began training with Danita Rigert when she was twelve and was a gymnast of hers until her sophomore year of high school when she had to retire as a gymnast due to a shoulder injury. She started coaching for Danita at Rigert Elite in October 2013 and enjoys her time in the gym.  She is very happy that she gets to continue her involvement in gymnastics.  She loves to share and spread her love for the sport to the kids she coaches.   Outside of coaching, Shelby is also working on becoming a certified judge for gymnastics.  She is currently attending classes at Portland State Community College as well.  Shelby is an inspiration to our young athletes and a real asset to our coaching staff.